Issues in Primary Education
- Exploring Science in Primary Years - vol. 3 No. 3 Oct-Dec 2001

 प्राथमिक शिक्षा के मुद्दे
प्राथमिक शिक्षा पर लेख (भाग-1 अंक- 5 नवम्बर - दिसम्बर, 1999)
- कहानी सुनाने की ज़रुरत (भाग-2 अंक-1 जनवरी - अप्रैल, 2000)

- प्राथमिक शिक्षा पर लेख (भाग-2 अंक- 1 मई - जून, 2001)

विज्ञान की खोज प्राथमिक वर्षो से (भाग- 4 अंक- 1 जनवरी - मई, 2002) 

खेल-खेल में गणित - संख्या की अवधारणा पर कुछ गतिविधि सुझाव

दलित आदिवासी और स्कूल

An introduction to Particle Physics. Published by CERN, 1986

Right to Education
Papers and Proceedings of a Consultation - Edited by V. S. Vyas ,Anju Dhadda Misra,  Publisher- Ajit Foundation

Published In Mainstream

A Statement On Scientific Temper - (July 25,1981)
Place Of Science In A People's  Movement - Anil Sadgopal  (August 22,1981)
Place Of Science In A People Movement-II - Anil Sadgopal  (August 29, 1981)
Irfan Habib And Basic Issues - K.N.Raj (August 29, 1981)
Counter Statement On Humanistic Temper - Ashis Nandy (October 10, 1981)
Myth Of Scientific Method - Vandana Shiva (December 19, 1981)
Bane Of Indian Society  - K.V. Subbaram (January 16, 1982)
Time for a Resume before the debate Resumes - Paul Gregorios (February 6,1992)
State Science And Universities - Dipankar Gupta (March 6, 1982)

Francois study

Education Guarantee Scheme and Primary Schooling in Madhya Pradesh
EGS and Primary Schooling in Madhya Pradesh A Reply
Universalisation of School Education Using the Public-school System is Feasible