Terms & Conditions for Donations through Eklavya Website

  1. Donations on Eklavya Foundation Website can be made by All Citizens of India as well as non-individuals by clicking on the Donate buttons available throughout the platform and following the necessary steps.
  2. You can donate on Eklavya Foundation website using a number of payment methods such as credit / debit cards, net-banking and e-wallets. Donations are processed by EaseBuzz which is a secure payment gateway.
  3. All donations made to Eklavya Foundation are non-refundable. Please contact our customer services immediately if there are extenuating circumstances and your case may be reviewed at our discretion.
  4. In circumstances where a donation has been made on this website by the unauthorized use of your payment details, then we are required to refund to you this money provided that you inform your financial institution and Eklavya Foundation of the unauthorized payment as soon as possible.
  5. There are no minimum amount criteria for donation on Eklavya Foundation Website.
  6. There are various charges incurred when you make a donation - including charges by credit card companies, banks and payment service providers. These charges vary depending on many factors including your location, payment method and donation size and currency. When you make a donation on Eklavya Foundation Website, the payment gateway service provider charges a fees up to 5% as processing fees. But the processing fees shall be borne by Eklavya foundation and will not be charged to the donor.
  7. The online confirmation you receive immediately after you make your donation is considered as your receipt for that donation. Please keep it for your records.
  8. Eklavya Foundation reserves the right to use your donation for its general purposes. Eklavya Foundation cannot guarantee that funds will be earmarked for a particular appeal, unless specifically stated by the Eklavya Foundation itself.
  9. To receive tax benefits, do provide your PAN to ensure that you get tax benefits for your donations. The receipt issued by the Eklavya Foundation has all the important information that you require to fill your income tax return.