Here are some noteworthy Sandarbh articles - in English!

Sandarbh issue 97

The Importance Of Asking Questions In Different Ways by Uday Maitra

Sandarbh issue 96

What's Mathematical About Symmetry? by Shreya Khemani
Biofilms: Social Behaviour Of Bacteria by Vinita Shivakumar
Teaching Poverty: A Different Perspective – Part 2 by Sukanya Bose

Sandarbh issue 95

Patterns As Tools For Algebraic Reasoning by Kristen Herbert
Science With Children by Anish Mokashi
Teaching Poverty: A Poverty of Perspective – Part 1 by Sukanya Bose

Sandarbh issue 94

Food Culture And Inclusive Education (Teacher’s Section) by Mohammad Umar
Feminism And Science – An Interview with Chayanika Shah by Vivek Vellanki
The Rutherford Model in Trouble By Sushil Joshi

Sandarbh issue 93

Electron Microscope by Bhaas Bapat
Indigenising Curriculum: Questions Posed by Baiga Vidya – Part 2 by Padma M. Sarangapani
Scattering Particles of the Atom by Sushil Joshi

Sandarbh issue 92

Slow Ideas - Part 2 by Atul Gawande
Indigenising Curriculum - Questions That The Baiga Vidya Presents by Padma Sarangapani
Curiosity, Reverence, Science And The Arts by Raja Mohanty
The World Of Insectivorous Plants by Amrita Saxena
Why Is There A Sun, A Moon And An Earth? Sawaliram by Sushil Joshi
Electricity, Gases, and the Atom Breaks by Sushil Joshi

 Sandarbh issue 91

Slow Ideas - Part 1 by Atul Gawande
Competition Amongst Living Organisms....And Parasitism In Brids - Part 2 by Adrian Forsyth and Ken Miyata
What Will Happen If You Don't Wear A Space Suit In Space? Sawaliram
Pace-Based Education by Thejaswi Shivanand Translated by Bharat Tripathi
The Purpose Of Education by Shivani Taneja Translated by Bharat Tripathi
Early Theories of the Structure of Atom by Sushil Joshi

 Sandarbh issue 90

Competition, Cooperation Among Living Organisms...And Jerry's Maggot - Part 1 by Adrian Forsyth and Ken Miyata
Macroeconomics: The Core Of Economics - Part 2 by Amit Bhaduri

Sandarbh issue 89
Some Experiences Of Folding Paper by Karen Haydock Translated
As If' Arguments And The Process Of Learing Mathematics In Saora Culture by Minati Panda Translated by Sushil Joshi
Chemistry Made Easy Book Review by Usha Mukunda of The Chemical History Of A Candle by Michael Faraday
The Core Of Economics - Part 1 by Amit Bhaduri Translated by Sushil Joshi

Sandarbh issue 88

Qutub Minar In Bhopal? by Himanshu Srivastav and Uma Sudhir
Why Doesn't It Happen Like This? by Francis Kumar
The Magic Of You by Ritu Khoda

 Sandarbh issue 87 
The Invisible Matter Of The Universe by Dennis Overbye
The Status Of Water In Rishi Valley by A team of Students and a Teacher

Sandarbh issue 86  
Glow, Big Glowworm by Stephen Jay Gould

Sandarbh issue 85
The Microcosm: The World Of Quantum Mechanics by V. V. Raman
Humans From Monkeys by Vinatha Viswanathan
Multilingualism: A Classroom Resource by Rama Kant Agnihotri

Sandarbh issue 84
The Relativity Of Wrong by Isaac Asimov   

Sandarbh issue 83 
The Indian Plate, An Antarctic Expedition And The Atmosphere  An interview with Vinod Gaur by Sujata Vardarajan
Cartoons In Social Science Textbooks by Alex M. George

Sandarbh issue 82 
Beams in Biology by Supurna Sinha
My Non-Interaction With Children At The World Book Fair by Sumit Tripathi
Choosing Children's Books by Avinandan Mukherjee 

Sandarbh Issue 81 
Why Don't Penguins' Feet Freeze? from New Scientist
Maps And Their Ghosts by Yemuna Sunny
Something About Myself And My Research - Part 2 An interview with Professor Mohan Ram by Sujata Varadarajan 

Sandarbh Issue 80
Has The Kilogram Become A Little Lighter Or A Little Heavier? by Vinatha Viswanathan
Why Can’t We See Sound Or Hear Light? Sawaliram Answered by Sushil Joshi
Turning A New Leaf – Part 1 An interview with H.Y. Mohan Ram by Sujata Vardarajan

Sandarbh Issue 79
A Library Programme in the Mountains by Usha MukundaTranslated by Shivani Bajaj
A Meeting Place: The Science, Art And Writing Initiative by Anne Osbourn  Translated by Jayjeet

Sandarbh Issue 78
Indian Primitive Eusocial Wasp: Concern of Benevolence by Raghavendra Gadagkar

Sandarbh Issue 77
Escape from The Tradition by David Gribble
Science as a Hobby and Study of The Social Life of An Indian Primitively Eusocial Wasp by Raghavendra Gadagkar
Which One Will Freeze First: Hot Water Or Cold Water?
Reflections On Storytelling Session Of V. Suteyev’s ‘The Three Kittens’ by Seema Wahi
Why Do We Have Problems In Learning And Teaching Science? by Karen Haydock

Sandarbh Issue 76
 From Where did Coal and Petroleum Come From? by Uma Sudhir
Literacy Instructions in Indian Schools by Shobha Sinha
Where is the Square to Complete? by R. Ramanujam
The Library by Daniel Greenberg

Sandarbh Issue 75
Age Mixing by Daniel Greenberg
The Placebo Effect by Vasant Natrajan
Pigeonhole Principle by S. Srinivasan
The Lens That Social Science Conferred Upon Me by Nidhi Tiwari
English Reader – Qualifying Which Norms? by Shivani Taneja

Sandarbh Issue 74
The Handicap Principle by Laasya Samhita

Multiplication by Shailesh A. Shirali
Fishing by Daniel Greenberg
We and The Socially Marginalized by Payal Aggarwal

Sandarbh Issue 73
Finally Children Learns How to Read by Daniel Greenberg
Periodic Table by Sam Kean
Oh! Panchayat: Loose Lessons While Doing Social Science Textbooks by Alex M. George
Understanding of LCM and GCF through Area Model Compiled
What Difference Did Darwin Make? by Karen Haydock
The Spider And The Wasp by Alexander Petrunkevitch
Answers To Puzzles of Martin Gardner
The Clever Capuchin

Sandarbh Issue 72
Can You See Air? by Andal Narayanan, Joseph Samuel and Supurna Sinha
Beginner’s Talk in Classroom by Jitender Kumar
Three Puzzles from Martin Gardner

Sandarbh Issue 70
Cloud Illusions by Karen Haydock
navu – Where Learning Happens by Alex M. George
Seven Days With The Praying Mantis by Neeraj Jain

Sandarbh Issue 69
Science And Me – The Excitement of Doing Science by Jayant Narlikar
Are Atoms Colored? by Rama Chari
How Do We Know The Human Body?by Karen Haydock
Conversation And A Democratic Classroom by Jitendra Kumar
Being Conventional On Numbers, Maps And Magnets by S. Srinivasan
Of Education, Politics And Ideology by Rinchin and Maheen

Sandarbh Issue 68
I am Not Only a Children’s Writer by Avinandan Mukherjee

Sandarbh Issue 67
The Abacus Exploration by Pramod Maithil
Solar Eclipse and Pin Hole Camera of the Nature by Aamod Karkhanis

Sandarbh Issue 66
Standard Model: A Theory of Almost Everything by Ajay Sharma
Waiting for LHC by Vikram Vyas

Sandarbh Issue 65
A Rare and Memorable Lesson by C.P. Snow

Darkness Before the Dawn by Hema Ramchandran
Acceleration, Velocity and Speed by Himanshu Shrivastav
Girls’ Education a Continuing Challeng by Rinchin and Maheen

Sandarbh Issue 64
Different States of Matter by Deepak Dhar
Sieve of Sundaram by Julian Havil
Sieve of Eratosthenes by Jill Britton
Way for SciencebyQamar Rehman
Oral History and Women’s Experiences in Nattaya by Sheela k. Prasad
Children Do Not Live in Different World by Madhuri Purandare

Sandarbh Issue 63
Learning Teacher: Reviewing the Narrative of a Teacher’s Journey by Alex M. George
Total Solar Eclipse 22nd July 2009 by Aamod Karkhanis
Illustration in Children’s Books by Sonali Biswas
 Like Mother Like Daughter by Purnima Sinha and Supurna Sinha