(5th to 12th June – Hoshangabad)

The 8-day workshop aimed at middle and high school Science teachers had about 30-35 participants this year in addition to a few volunteers, internees and internal team members. These participants were mainly from schools run by fraternal organisations; many of them come regularly every year.

A brief report of the workshop is being given here. Separate detailed reports on each session are being prepared. The topics taken up this year and the resource persons for the same were:

  • Matter & Its Representation – Ankush Gupta, HBCSE, Mumbai; Faculty
  • Graphs – Bhas Bapat – IISER, Pune; Faculty
  • Use of Questions in the Classroom – Gurinder Singh, HBCSE, Mumbai; PhD Scholar
  • Textbook Analysis – Himanshu, HBCSE, Mumbai; PhD Scholar & Uma (Eklavya)
  • Astronomy – Uma Sudhir & Sushil Joshi, with Eklavya
  • Investigative Projects – Sushil Joshi
  • Science & Religion – C N Subramaniam