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The character of Sawaliram was created in the 1970s as part of the Hoshangabad Science Teaching Program (HSTP), to respond to the curiosity of rural middle school students learning through an inquiry-based curriculum. This became an integral component of HSTP for direct interface with students for three decades. Over the last two decades, Eklavya continued the Sawaliram initiative through its field projects and columns in the magazines Chakmak and Sandarbh.

Questions are a powerful tool of learning, and for adults they provide a rare glimpse into children's worlds. Questions are a resource for teachers to learn about their students' motives and interests, their doubts and misunderstandings, and further, to use these to design effective pedagogies for the classroom.

Sawaliram 2.0

'Sawaliram 2.0' is an initiative by Eklavya Foundation in collaboration with the TIFR Centre for Interdisciplinary Sciences, Hyderabad. The website is being developed as a multilingual repository of questions asked by school students and a platform for experts and teachers to engage with the questions, explore answers, translate content and share classroom experiences. Besides credible answers and data analytics, Sawaliram aims to make available resources for teachers and researchers towards fostering curiosity amongst school students.

Currently, more than 3500 questions in seven languages are viewable in the repository, more than 800 of which have been answered by experts. At present, the bulk of the answers have come from the published archives of Eklavya and Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education. Question contribution, answering and article writing interfaces of Sawaliram 2.0 are fully functional while a translation interface and analytics pages are under testing.

We seek financially and volunteer support for completing the development and expanding the user base of Sawaliram. If you are a developer please consider contributing to the open-source repository at If you are an educator at the school level or an expert in any domain/area we seek your contribution through questions, answers, experiences and resources.

To complete the next phase of development we need support for:

3 internships @ Rs 16,000/- each for 2 months - Rs 96,000

2 Fellowships @ 22,000/- each for 6 months - 2,64,000

Development/Programme costs - Rs 40,000/-

Total - 4,00,000


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