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In Akam se Puram tak : Lok Kathaon ka Ghar aur Bahar ( From Akam to Puram: The Domestic and the Social World of Folktales), Teji Grover explores the meanings and contexts of these tales as they dynamically transform the world of listeners, especially children, during their transference from home environments to the world out there. In many ways inspired by A.K. Ramanujan’s seminal work on Indian folktales, this book picks up the threads of the Indian folktales to connect them with the world of fairytales from other cultures. The author also comments on the recent critical thought on the subject including the inversion of fairytales done by the ‘politically correct’ writers and the wonderfully witty and instructive responses and fresh stories this kind of ‘correct’ writing generates.                                            

         Price- 40.00                          ISBN - 9789385236211