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Why fund these books?

The pandemic, more than ever, has made it imperative that children read. Away from schools, their teachers, friends and relatives, their education and social lives have been disrupted like never before, their link to books and related learning has become tenuous. Reading can be their way out of stressful situations, and can help them learn as well as stay happy even during these trying times.  

Eklavya Foundation’s readers are diverse. A large chunk of our readership comprises rural Hindi-speaking children in marginalized communities. Our books are specially priced to make them affordable to them. However, the reality is that most of our readers cannot afford to buy any books. So, we make publications available to the children through our field programmes and through other organizations working with children. 

Thanks to like-minded people who support the development and printing of this material, we at Eklavya have been able to publish high-quality books for several decades now. During this pandemic, this support for our books has shrunk quite a bit. To continue making books for children, we need your support. To continue our work for children, we need greater support now, more than ever. 

How you can help 

We seek funds to print 12 books for children. These stories are fun, heartwarming and that children can relate to. Eight of these books are in Hindi, four in English. All are fiction save one that is a graphic nonfiction book.

All these books have been developed with grants and when the pandemic set in our funds to print these books dried up.

We have been bringing high quality, low-priced books both fiction and nonfiction to children in rural and marginalised communities for over three decades. Now, more than ever, these children need the escape, fun, knowledge and solace that books provide them. 

If you donate Rs. 10,000/- or more, we will acknowledge you as a funder in a book of your choice (please see book details below). We will also send you free copies of that book. You will be eligible for an 80G certificate with your donation. 

Book Details

  • Cutpiece Kumar/कटपीस कुमार (Hindi & English)

Story & Illustrations by Indu Harikumar

Kumar loves to sew. When he learns that he is going to become a big brother he wants to make something to welcome the new baby. What does he make?

Indu Harikumar’s gentle story effortlessly breaks gender stereotypes. – sewing and embroidery is not the domain of girls and women only! Charmingly illustrated, this warm story beautifully captures the anticipation that a child experiences while expecting a brother or a sister. 

Number of Pages - 24

For ages - 6+ years

About Indu - Indu Harikumar is an artist and author. She loves working with found objects. She has taught children through art, and has written and illustrated several children's books. Her work has been exhibited in India and abroad. She loves to sing Bollywood songs while working.

  • The Boy in the Dark Hole (Hindi & English) 

Story by Vaishali Shroff, Illustrated by Samidha Gunjal

Meet SP,10 years old, loves art, hates football, loves poems, hates punctuation, loves his friends Kuhu and Lobo.

Gets bullied and teased in the school bus, is tired of expectations and sick of conventions. Wait... What’s this?! He’s falling into a dark hole...Help ! Help!

Will SP ever come out of the dark hole? How?

Number of pages - 60

For ages - 8+ years

About Vaishali - Vaishali Shroff is an award-winning children’s author and columnist based in Mumbai. Her popular works include The Adventures of Padma and a Blue Dinosaur by Harper Collins, India (recipient of the BICW or Best in Indian Children’s Writing Award, 2019), CBSE and NCERT recommended books Raindrops and Ari by Tulika Publishers, The Missing Bat by Pratham Books, The Strange Case of Nayantara by Mango Books.

She represents India as an author for books published by the prestigious Oxford University Press, UK and Asia. She likes to write stories about subjects that are challenging and sensitive yet pertinent, and act as icebreakers for difficult conversations. She firmly believes that every story has the power to bring about positive change and hopes to continue writing meaningful and interesting literature for children in the years to come. You can know more about her work at or reach her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About Samidha - Samidha Gunjal is an illustrator and Animator who mainly works on children’s book and comics. She works out of her small studio (Studio Dhamisa) based out of Ahmednagar, a small town in Maharashtra. Apart from freelance work she loves to draw for herself and always keeps a personal visual diary. Most of Samidha’s work is inspired by day to day events, self consciousness, the feminine form, emotions, nature and mythology.

  • Creatures In Our Bodies (A graphic book in English)

Written by Charudutta Navare, Illustrated by Reshma Barve

Introducing children to non-fiction is challenging. A graphic non- fiction is often a good bridge or a stepping stone. Charudutta Navare’s information packed science comic on microbes is a comprehensive introduction to these unicellular organisms. Information that is otherwise considered dry is engagingly presented through pictures. Comparison for size is easily and quickly grasped when presented visually.  

Number of pages - 44

For ages - 10+ years

About Charu - Charudatta Navare is a biologist, pursuing his Ph.D. in science education at Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research(TIFR), Mumbai. He has research experience from National Chemical Laboratory, Pune and Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York.

About Reshma - Reshma Barve studied Commercial Arts at the Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune, India. As a freelance artist and designer, she has illustrated many books.

  • A Thief in the Basti/ बस्ती में चोर (A bilingual book in English & Hindi)

Story by Ritik, Ajay, Rohan, Vikram, Jyoti, Illustrated by Ubitha Leela Unni

The slippers are disappearing one by one. Before the last pair is stolen, the barefoot friends brainstorm and come up with a strategy to catch the thief. Read to find out - did the friends get back their footwear?

Number of pages - 12

For ages - 5+ years

About Ubitha - A designer/ illustrator, who loves to draw for narratives. She has illustrated & designed many children’s books for Muskaan. Currently, she lives in Kerala.

  • Shaljam (A Big Book in Hindi)

A folktale by Anon, Illustrated by Niharika Shenoy

A folk tale brilliantly illustrated by Niharika, it gives emergent readers the quintessential book to confidently read and enjoy. Repetitive and predictive text to help the child read independently and your “garden variety” hyperbole to tickle the funny bone. The story with familiar elements: a turnip, an old man, his wife and their grand daughter and a menagerie of domestic animals , all needed for the tug of war with the stubborn turnip will hugely appeal to munchkins and will gently assist with keeping literacy alive!

Number of pages - 16

For ages - 6+ years

About Niharika - Niharika Shenoy is a children’s book illustrator, translator and copywriter. She has created teaching aids and illustrated content for magazines & websites and communication material for Not for Profits. She has an abiding passion to tell stories through writing and art.

  • Phulkaari goes Brinjaling (Hindi & English)

Story by Sheetal Paul , Illustrated by Ankita Thakur

The colour purple.. a rhyme....your favourite vegetable?!?! Or your favourite fruit???

If you have come up with Brinjal – you are right!! Our little protagonist Phulkaari is obsessed with this member of the Solanaceae family. Aubergines, brinjals ...find out what all she does with her favourite purple produce. And don’t be afraid to join in too – she is quite a trend setter our Phulkaari, has ALL her friends ‘brinjaling’ with her!

A suitable book for emerging readers.

Number of pages - 24

For ages- 6+ years

About Sheetal - Sheetal Paul has an experience in working in the realm of education and specifically writing children’s literature for almost a decade. Sheetal has a Masters of Arts degree in Education from Azim Premji University, Bengaluru and has worked with Digantar, Jaipur as a primary school teacher. She is presently working at The teacher App, New Delhi as an academic specialist (Language). She has great interest in reading, ‘cracking’ and creating stories with and for younger minds.

About Ankita - Ankita Thakur is a post graduate of graphic design from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. She enjoys exploring and merging different mediums in her collages and personal zines. She currently works as a brand & communication strategist for an ed-tech product, and parallely, illustrates for children’s publications.

  • Laddus for Rakhi (Hindi & English - bilingual) 

Written by Muskaan Pandey, Illustrated by Sagar Kolwankar

A heartwarming story of a child’s hunger overpowering mother’s rationing instructions. Laddus for Rakhi is a simply told story of honesty and love that is there in each of us, even under extenuating circumstances, making heroes in everyday lives. 

Number of pages - 14

For ages - 5+ years

About Muskaan Pandey- Muskaan lived in Depot Basti, a temporary settlement in Bhopal between 2013 and 2017. In a writing workshop, children were asked to write on – “One day, I stole something.” 12-year old Muskaan wrote this story.

When we decided to publish this, Muskaan was very eager. However, by the time the book was finally ready, her basti had been demolished and a road had been built in its place. Most of the households from that basti had resettled in another place. However, we could not find Muskaan or her family there. We hope that this book will reach her someday, somehow.

About Sagar Kolwankar - A designer/ illustrator, who likes telling stories through his visuals. He believes stories can be a strong medium to shape children’s mind. Currently, he is based in Bengaluru. 

  • Julian who loved to draw (English)

Story & Illustrations by Indu Harikumar

Not every child learns in traditional ways. Sometimes neurological conditions, not unwillingness makes learning a challenge. Not all children are as lucky as Julian to have a kind and empathetic teacher who will let him be as long as he is not disruptive to others. Many children may relate to Julian. 

A book that ever so gently teaches without preaching inclusivity for a child with ADHD in a mainstream classroom. And there are Julian’s amazing drawings!

Number of pages - 24

For ages - 5+ years

About Indu - Indu Harikumar is an artist and author. She loves working with found objects. She has taught children through art, and has written and illustrated several children's books. Her work has been exhibited in India and abroad. She loves to sing Bollywood songs while working.

  • Kashti (A wordless book)

Story & Illustrations by Nishith Mehta

In this wordless picture book with stunning illustrations, Nishith tells the story of our brave paper boat’s journey. With an uncertain fate but with certainty of purpose, steadfastly the little paper boat sails on stormy seas, braving the ghosts in the ocean and doubts in the mind... transforming to reach for the moon. A tale of risk and courage, this is as much a book for grownups, as it is for children.

Number of pages - 14

For ages - 3+ years

About Nishith - Nishith Mehta is an Illustrator, Writer and Teacher from Mumbai. He has pursued a BVA in Painting and MVA in Art History from M.S University, Baroda.


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